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A biophysicist teaches himself how to code

I’m giving a talk/interview later today, so I won’t have time to tinker much more with the PDBcleaner until tomorrow. I thought that instead I’d take this opportunity to write a post about this blog.

As I’m sure you can tell from the posts that are already here, I’m a novice programmer. I’ve always had an affinity for computers, and usually show an aptitude for getting the various scientific applications that we use in the lab to do what I want, but it was only recently that I realized the power of rolling your own code.

I also looked around and realized that the main issue in a lot of areas of science these days is not collecting data, it’s analyzing the huge amount of data that comes in to pull out useful information. The best way to do this is with some sort of program of course.

So I wrote a few very simple things which we were able to use to do some of this heavy lifting during my Ph.D. work. Now that I’ve graduated and am looking for a post-doc, I decided it was as good a time as any to “go to the programming gym” as it were, and make a concerted effort to get better at it. Hence this site. I thought about just setting up a github account or something like that, but I wanted a place where I could describe at length what I was trying to do, the problems I was having, and other thoughts along the way.

I’ve already realized that I’ve got a lot to learn. The process may be slow, but as long as progress continues I think I’ll be happy. I came across a thread on Reddit today that makes me feel better about the usefulness of this exercise.

Thanks for reading, and huge thanks in advance for any constructive criticism/advice.


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